Growth and hormonal response of heifers to various photoperiods.

  title={Growth and hormonal response of heifers to various photoperiods.},
  author={Robert R Peters and L. Tyler Chapin and Roy S. Emery and H. A. Tucker},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={51 5},
Body growth and dry matter intake were measured in three groups of 16 Holstein heifers exposed to (1) natural, (2) 16 hr light: 8 hr dark (16L:8D) or (3) 24L:0D photoperiods for November 11 to March 10. Average daily gain (ADG) of heifers subjected to 16L:8D was 11 (P less than .05) and 17% (P less than .02) greater than ADG of animals receiving 24L:0D or natural photoperiod, respectively. Heifers subjected to 16L:8D consumed 6.9 and 8.3% more (P less than .01) dry matter per day than did… CONTINUE READING

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