Growth and characterization of memristive manganite thin films

  • I. Alposta, D. Rubi, +20 authors Martín de Irigoyen
  • Published 2012


Resistive switching effects were studied on manganite based devices at room temperature. Thin films of La0.66Ca0.33MnO3 were grown using the pulsed laser deposition technique on top of conductive silicon substrates. Top contacts were deposited either by hand (Ag paint) or by sputtering (Cu). The Mn valence (which is correlated with the oxygen content) was probed by means of XPS experiments. Obtained devices were characterized electrically by means of pulsed I-V curves, and the remnant resistance state was measured after each voltage pulse. In all samples we observed bipolar resistive switching with sharp SET and RESET transitions. Typically, around 20 switching cycles could be repeated, with an OFF/ON ratio of 2-3 orders of magnitude. We found different SET and RESET voltages for Ag and Cu top electrodes. In addition, we found a correlation between the amplitude of the ON/OFF ratio and the oxygen content of the films, suggesting that oxygen vacancies play a key role in the switching mechanism. Finally, the electrical response of a Cu/LCMO sample was studied after a controlled damage process (irradiation with 25 MeV oxygen ions with a fluence of 3E10 ions).

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