Growth and cell survival are unevenly impaired in pixie mutant wing discs.

  title={Growth and cell survival are unevenly impaired in pixie mutant wing discs.},
  author={Carmen M A Coelho and Benjamin Kolevski and Caroline F Bunn and Cherryl Walker and Anupama Dahanukar and Sally J. Leevers},
  volume={132 24},
It is largely unknown how growth slows and then stops in vivo. Similar to most organs, Drosophila imaginal discs undergo a fast, near-exponential growth phase followed by a slow growth phase before final target size is reached. We have used a genetic approach to study the role of an ABC-E protein, Pixie, in wing disc growth. pixie mutants, like mutants in ribosomal proteins genes (known as Minutes), show severe developmental delay with relatively mild alterations in final body size… CONTINUE READING


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