Growth and betacyanin production by hairy roots of Beta vulgaris in airlift bioreactors

  title={Growth and betacyanin production by hairy roots of Beta vulgaris in airlift bioreactors},
  author={Kong Sik Shin and Hosakatte Niranjana Murthy and Jin Yong Ko and Kee Yoeup Paek},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
Hairy roots of red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) were cultivated in different types of airlift bioreactors (cone, balloon, bulb, drum and column bioreactors of 5 l capacity and containing 3 l of half strength Murashige & Skoog medium). The cone type of airlift bioreactor gave the highest biomass of hairy roots and betacyanin accumulation. Betacyanin accumulation was 27 mg g−1 dry wt in cultures aerated at 0.3 vvm. Light irradiation of 20 μmol m−2 s−1 promoted hairy root growth but optimum betacyanin… CONTINUE READING


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