Growth Rate Estimation of Algae in Raceway Ponds: A Novel Approach

  title={Growth Rate Estimation of Algae in Raceway Ponds: A Novel Approach},
  author={P. Hartmann and David Demory and C. Combe and R. Hamouda and Anne-C{\~A}©line Boulanger and M. Bristeau and J. Sainte-Marie and B. Sialve and J. Steyer and S. Rabouille and A. Sciandra and O. Bernard},
  journal={IFAC Proceedings Volumes},
Microalgae mass cultiviation is a promising future source of biomass for energy and food production. In order to optimize productivity of large scale plants and to make them environmentally and economically sustainable, energy requirements have to be minimized. In particular, mixing of the growth medium is a major energy input, and its effect on overall productivity should be better understood. Several dynamic models have been developed to represent the effect of a rapidly varying light on the… Expand
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