Growth, yield, and yield components of ethephon-treated corn

  title={Growth, yield, and yield components of ethephon-treated corn},
  author={Gh. R. Khosravi and Irvin C. Anderson},
  journal={Plant Growth Regulation},
Field studies were conducted during 1985 and 1986 to study the effect of stage and rate of ethephon application on growth, combine-harvested yield, and yield components of three corn (Zea mays L.) hybrids at two densities. Ethephon was applied at four rates from 0 to 560g ha−1 at three growth stages: tassel elongation (TE ≥ 3mm), TE + 6d, and Ear elongation (EE ≥ 3mm). The greatest rate of ethephon decreased lodging by 85% in 1985 and 93% in 1986. Reduction in yield at the greatest rate of… CONTINUE READING

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