Growth, Structure and Physical Properties of Tetraaqua Bismaleatocobalt (II) Crystals

  title={Growth, Structure and Physical Properties of Tetraaqua Bismaleatocobalt (II) Crystals},
  author={V. Mahalakshmi and A. Lincy and J. Thomas and K. Saban},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Applied Physics},
Tetraaqua bismaleatocobalt(II) crystals are grown by the controlled ionic diffusion in hydrosilica gel. The functional groups present in the crystal are identified using FTIR spectrum. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic system with space group P-1. The thermogravimetric studies revealed a three stage decomposition scheme. The polarization mechanism of the compound is explored using the dielectric measurements. The optical band gap of the material is found to be 2.4 eV from diffuse… Expand
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