[Growing up as a migrant, rites of passage in the Maghreb].


In a context of migration, some parents experience difficulties in passing on their culture and their knowledge, which makes it difficult to achieve reciprocal recognition and to establish a feeling of filiation and heritage. In this context, maintaining the rites of passage enables their symbolic effectiveness and creativity to be maintained. Circumcision, in particular, is a key stage of this process in the Maghreb.

DOI: 10.1016/j.spp.2017.06.006

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@article{Touhami2017GrowingUA, title={[Growing up as a migrant, rites of passage in the Maghreb].}, author={Fatima Touhami and Alice Titia Rizzi and Marie Rose Moro}, journal={Soins. Pediatrie, puericulture}, year={2017}, volume={38 298}, pages={15-19} }