Grouping of streptomycetes using 16S-ITS RFLP fingerprinting.

  title={Grouping of streptomycetes using 16S-ITS RFLP fingerprinting.},
  author={Benjamin Lanoot and Marc Vancanneyt and Bart Hoste and Katrien Vandemeulebroecke and Margo C Cnockaert and Peter Dawyndt and Zhiheng Liu and Ying Huang and Jean Swings},
  journal={Research in microbiology},
  volume={156 5-6},
A total of 463 Streptomyces and Kitasatospora type strains were screened using 16S-ITS RFLP fingerprinting (combined restriction digest using enzymes BstUI and HaeIII). In total, 59 clusters could be delineated, each comprising multiple strains with nearly identical patterns. Good correlation was found in general with phylogeny, as revealed by 16S rDNA… CONTINUE READING