Group-wise 3D registration based templates to study the evolution of ant worker neuroanatomy


The evolutionary success of ants and other social insects is considered to be intrinsically linked to division of labor and cooperative behavior, including task specialization and emergent collective intelligence. Selection for both individualand colony-level behavioral performance concerns the role of the brains of individual workers in generating behavior, but how the “social brain” is structured is poorly understood. Confocal imaging and manual annotations of brain scans have been used to understand the mosaic organization of the ant brain by quantifying brain regions volumes. These studies require laborious effort and may be subject to potential bias. To address these issues and increase throughput necessary to robustly sample ant species diversity and to perform evolutionary analyses, we propose a group-wise 3D registration approach to build for the first time bias-free brain atlases of intraand inter-subcaste individuals and automatize the segmentation of new individuals. Generating brain templates will accelerate data collection and greatly expand research opportunities in the study of the evolutionary neurobiology of ants and other social insects. 1 ar X iv :1 70 1. 01 43 3v 3 [ qbi o. Q M ] 8 F eb 2 01 7

DOI: 10.1109/ISBI.2017.7950553

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