Group teaching in nursing/teaching group nursing practices guided by the Pichon-Rivière theoretical framework

  title={Group teaching in nursing/teaching group nursing practices guided by the Pichon-Rivi{\`e}re theoretical framework},
  author={Roselma Lucchese and Bruno de Souza Calixto and Iv{\^a}nia Vera and N{\'u}bia Inoc{\^e}ncio de Paula and Camilla Lucchese Veronesi and Carla Natalina da Silva Fernandes},
  journal={Escola Anna Nery},
To analyze a didactic and pedagogical proposal for undergraduate group learning in a descriptive, qualitative nursing study in which 54 students participated in 28 operative group sessions. Following a proposal for group learning involving interplay among roles (participant, coordinator and observer), data were collected during group meetings and analyzed for thematic content, following the Pichon-Riviere theoretical framework. From the meetings of the operative groups, three categories emerged… Expand
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