Group homes: rehabilitation of the long-stay patient in the community.

  title={Group homes: rehabilitation of the long-stay patient in the community.},
  author={Norman Capstick},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine},
  volume={66 12},
  • Norman Capstick
  • Published in
    Proceedings of the Royal…
  • Medicine
  • present in the general population. Many studies have shown an association between marital discord and conduct disorders (Rutter 1972). The follow up into adolescence of the children with disorder in the first survey at 10-11 years provided interesting information. It is clear that, as Robins (1966) found in her 30-year follow-up study of children who had attended a child guidance clinic, children with conduct disorders do particularly poorly. However, Robins also found that in the long run… CONTINUE READING

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