Group and phase velocity mismatch fringes in triple sum-frequency spectroscopy

  title={Group and phase velocity mismatch fringes in triple sum-frequency spectroscopy},
  author={Darien J. Morrow and Daniel D. Kohler and John C. Wright},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The effects of group and phase velocity mismatch are well-known in optical harmonic generation, but the non-degenerate cases remain unexplored. In this work we develop an analytic model which predicts velocity mismatch effects in non-degenerate triple sum-frequency mixing, TSF. We verify this model experimentally using two tunable, ultrafast, short-wave-IR lasers to demonstrate spectral fringes in the TSF output from a 500 $\mu$m thick sapphire plate. We find the spectral dependence of the TSF… 
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