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Group and individual therapy.

  title={Group and individual therapy.},
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Characterization of Compensatory Stepping in People With Multiple Sclerosis.

Early Western observations of cutaneous Trichophyton concentricum infection in the Pacific and a history of its vernacular name, tokelau

The history of one of the disease’s vernacular names, tokelau, is described and several descriptions of tinea imbricata are revealed that provide a colourful history for this curious disease.

Accelerometry Reveals Differences in Gait Variability Between Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Controls

It is indicated that PwMS have altered structure of variability of the trunk during gait compared to healthy controls and agree with previous findings related to changes in gait variability in Pw MS.

Schizophrenia, myelination, and delayed corollary discharges: a hypothesis.

Altered myelination of late-developing frontal white matter fasciculi result in conduction delays in the efference copies initiated by willed actions, which causes the resulting corollary discharges to be generated too late to suppress the sensory consequences of the willedactions.

The Venous Systems

The venous systems as the largest reservoirs of blood, and Donders’ claim that the respiratory system aids the return of blood to the central veins.