author={Priscilla F. Kauff},
  journal={International Journal of Group Psychotherapy},
  pages={407 - 409}
  • P. F. Kauff
  • Published 1 July 2000
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Group Psychotherapy
Perhaps I am too concrete, too American in my way of thinking, but I need a level of accessibility that Claudio Neri 's book Group unfortunately lacks. I say unfortunately because I would have welcomed the opportunity to learn more from this author. In fact, I had the thought several times that talking to Neri directly would be interesting and productive, certainly easier than struggling with a text that was at times too abstract, obscure, and perhaps poorly translated. On the fortunate side, I… 

Towards Wider Framings: World-Systems Analysis and Folklore Studies

Abstract This article* situates folklore studies in relation to the approach to social research known as world-systems analysis. In doing so, the work also serves as an evocation of world-systems

Genius Loci: The Spirit of a Place, the Spirit of a Group

The author divided the discussion is divided in three parts. The first, which is very synthetic, will cover some of Bion’s theories as regards “Work Group Mentality”, “Basic Assumptions Group

The “Pythagorean” “Theorem” and the rant of racist and civilizational superiority – Part 2

  • C. Raju
  • Philosophy
    Arụmarụka: Journal of Conversational Thinking
  • 2022
Previously we saw that racist prejudice is supported by false history. The false history of the Greek origins of mathematics is reinforced by a bad philosophy of mathematics. There is no evidence for

An in-depth look into the co-occurence distribution of semantic associates

This work has shown that semantic associations can be used as a tool to evaluate, estimate or describe the meanings of the respective stimuli, and have been used to investigative the mechanisms underlying semantic memory.

Memory-Theater As Cultural Generativity: Eslingena: A Musical In Toronto And Riga

Linking the concept of generativity to expressive culture as a communicative resource, this article asks how recontextualization shifts meanings. I focus on the reception by audiences in Toronto and

Questions and Answers

The aim of this section is for you to identify and try to answer puzzles, especially methodological ones, in health services research and policy. Readers are invited both to submit questions which

How representative are student convenience samples? A study of literacy and numeracy skills in 32 countries

Psychological research, including research into adult reading, is frequently based on convenience samples of undergraduate students. This practice raises concerns about the external validity of many

The facile-itation of facilitation ? Searching for competencies in group work leadership "

This paper suggests an extension of the widely accepted competencies for leaders and facilitators of experiential learning groups. The philosophical underpinning of conventional models of

‘Don’t blame the middle man’: an exploratory qualitative study to explore the experiences of translators breaking bad news

The increasing use of translators in the care of patients with advanced cancer is increasingly resulting in lay people being subject to similar emotional pressures faced by clinical staff, yet without the necessary formal training or support mechanisms that are recommended for clinicians.

From an Ethics of Carefulness to an Ethics of Desirability: Going Beyond Current Ethics Approaches to Sustainable AI

‘Sustainable AI’ sets itself apart from other AI ethics frameworks by its inherent regard for the ecological costs of AI, a concern that has so far been woefully overlooked in the policy space.


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