Group Company Liability

  title={Group Company Liability},
  author={Martin Petrin and Barnali Roy Choudhury},
  journal={European Business Organization Law Review},
According to a universal bedrock principle of corporate law, corporations have separate legal personality and limited liability. These principles apply equally to corporate groups. Accordingly, a parent company is normally not liable for legal infractions and unpaid debts of its subsidiaries. In relation to torts and other misconduct committed by corporations, however, the bedrock principles of corporate law are increasingly subject to criticism, in particular where such claims cannot be… 
Rapid changes have tested and will continue to test the limits of liability in tort law. To date, much pressure has been applied to the principles governing the liability of a holding company since
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The present paper deals with the question how to tax multinational corporate groups in order to reduce inequality. Since inequality is abstract, it is necessary to interpret it, which implies
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Corporate groups have been the subject of much research and debate, but mostly focussing on the position of the controlled company, e.g. the subsidiaries. There has been less focus on the legal
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A Comparative Study on the Application of Group Liability in the Field of Environmental Torts between China and the United States
  • Jiahui Pan
  • Business
    Journal of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2022
As the biggest developing country, China is relatively lagging in the development of laws on environmental protection. With the increasing impact on the environment bring by the enterprises, the


Piercing the Corporate Veil, Financial Responsibility, and the Limits of Limited Liability
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In the context of corporate groups, the legal principles of limited liability and corporate separation can lead to injustice in cases of harm to involuntary creditors by externalising risks that
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Although limited liability is the primary benefit of the corporate form, it continues to generate controversy. In this Article, Professor Glynn argues that extending vicarious tort liability to
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[Many large-scale businesses are conducted through the form of corporate groups, each company being a separate legal entity enjoying limited liability. This can create problems for those dealing with
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Since the nineteenth century the structure of commercial organizations has developed from the lone corporate body into corporate groups that defy national boundaries. The challenge of determining the
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The German law on affiliated companies and groups of companies ("Konzernrecht"), as embodied in the German Stock Corporation Act of 1965, as amended ("Aktiengesetz"), has often been credited for its
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Limited liability is a fundamental principle of corporate law. Yet liability has never been absolutely limited. Courts occasionally allow creditors to "pierce the corporate veil," which means that
Liability of Corporate Groups and Networks
This book is concerned with the ‘insolvent entity problem’. This problem can arise in two ways. In the first case, a subsidiary company within a corporate group becomes insolvent and is unable to pay