Group 4 bis(chelate) metal complexes of monoanionic bidentate [E,O-] ligands (E = O, S): synthesis and application as alpha-olefin polymerization catalysts.


Monoanionic bidentate phenoxy-ether [O(-),O] and phenoxy-thioether [O(-),S] ligands were synthesized and used to prepare octahedral group 4 metal complexes with general formula [O(-),E](2)ML(2) (complex 1: E = S, M = Hf, L = Bn; complex 2: E = O, M = Ti, L = NMe(2); complex 3: E = S, M = Ti, L = NMe(2); complex 4: E = S, M = Ti, L = Cl). Variable… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/b908510f


8 Figures and Tables

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