Group 2

  title={Group 2},
  author={AnneMarie Martins and Barbara Pinneke},
Description: Master illusionist Vitaly has mystified fans from all over the world, including Las Vegas superstars Penn & Teller whom he has successfully fooled in their hit TV show, Fool Us. From bringing pictures and drawings to life to erasing people from their own driver’s licenses, Vitaly’s signature illusions leaves even the most jaded audience awestruck and many of his audience coming back to reexperience his jaw-dropping feats. Reputed as “one of the most captivating and enjoyable… 

Effect of Rat Strain Stereotactic Coordinates on Infarct Volume

Results showed that Long Evans rats sustain a significantly larger infarct volume compared to Sprague Dawley rats using Group 2 coordinates, however, this may be attributed to use of generic fluoxetine in Group 2 Sprague Dingley rats.

Holocene glacier readvances on the Fildes Peninsula, King George Island (Isla 25 de Mayo), NW Antarctic Peninsula

1Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polarund Meeresforschung, Geosciences Division, Am Alten Hafen 26, 27568 Bremerhaven, Germany. 2University of Bremen, Department of Geosciences,

Scrum’s success factors and scrum’s benefit levels to different projects and processes : Case study: IT Quality team, HyperElectronics

The objective of this Bachelor’s thesis is to find out the success factors of Scrum and their assisting actions, and the projects and process types that can benefit from the application of Scrum. The

Stromal Cell–Derived Factor-1α Confers Protection Against Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury: Role of the Cardiac Stromal Cell–Derived Factor-1α–CXCR4 Axis

It is concluded that SDF-1 α and its receptor, CXCR4, constitute a paracrine or autocrine axis in cardiac myocytes that is activated in response to preconditioning and hypoxic stimuli, recruiting the antiapoptotic kinases ERK and AKT and promoting an antiAPoptotic program that confers protection against ischemia/reperfusion damage.

Influence of Preoperative Foveal Layers' Thickness on Visual Function and Macular Morphology by Phacovitrectomy for Epiretinal Membrane

ONL thickening in ERM without a tractive component serves as a limited prognostic factor of postoperative visual acuity decrease and correlates with the disintegration of the ellipsoid zone.