Group‐Theme Recoloring for Multi‐Image Color Consistency

  title={Group‐Theme Recoloring for Multi‐Image Color Consistency},
  author={Nguyen Ho Man Rang and Brian L. Price and S. Cohen and M. S. Brown},
  journal={Computer Graphics Forum},
  • Nguyen Ho Man Rang, Brian L. Price, +1 author M. S. Brown
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • Modifying the colors of an image is a fundamental editing task with a wide range of methods available. [...] Key Method Our framework derives a group color theme from the input images’ individual color palettes and uses this group color theme to recolor the image collection. This group-theme recoloring provides an effective way to ensure color consistency among multiple images and naturally lends itself to the inclusion of an additional external color theme. We detail our group-theme recoloring approach and…Expand Abstract
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