Groundwater Balance Study in the High Barind, Bangladesh

  title={Groundwater Balance Study in the High Barind, Bangladesh},
  author={Ahm Selim Reza and Quamrul Mazumder and Md. Nayeem Ahmed},
The annual groundwater recharge and discharge of aquifer of the Sapahar and Porsha Upazillas is estimated by Thiessen polygon method varies from 106.41 to 244 Mm 3 and 93.77 to 291 Mm 3 respectively. The calculated groundwater recharge of aquifer of the study area shows that the rate of groundwater recharge of aquifer in Porsha Upazilla is higher than that of Sapahar Upazilla and is characterized by very suitable groundwater storage potential. The overall groundwater balance study in the study… CONTINUE READING