Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation

  title={Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation},
  author={Ji-Gang Ren and Ping Xu and Hai-Lin Yong and Liang Zhang and Shengkai Liao and Juan Yin and Weiyue Liu and Wenqi Cai and Meng Yang and Li Li and Kui-Xing Yang and Xuan Han and Yongsheng Yao and Ji Li and Haifeng Wu and Song Wan and Lei Liu and Ding-Quan Liu and Yaowu Kuang and Zhi He and Peng Shang and Cheng Guo and Ruifeng Zheng and Kai Tian and Zhen-Cai Zhu and Nai-Le Liu and Chaoyang Lu and Rong Shu and Yu-Ao Chen and Cheng-Zhi Peng and Jian-Yu Wang and Jian-Wei Pan},
An arbitrary unknown quantum state cannot be measured precisely or replicated perfectly. However, quantum teleportation enables unknown quantum states to be transferred reliably from one object to another over long distances, without physical travelling of the object itself. Long-distance teleportation is a fundamental element of protocols such as large-scale quantum networks and distributed quantum computation. But the distances over which transmission was achieved in previous teleportation… 
Deterministic quantum teleportation through fiber channels
The deterministic teleportation of optical modes over a 6.0-km fiber channel is realized with continuous variable entanglement and a fidelity of 0.03 for the retrieved quantum state, which breaks through the classical limit of 1/2.
Time-Bin and Polarization Superdense Teleportation for Space Applications
A system that generates hyperentangled photonic "ququarts" and measures them to execute multiple quantum communication protocols of interest, and successfully executed and characterized superdense teleportation, a modified remote-state preparation protocol that transfers more quantum information than standard teleportation for the same classical information cost.
Quantum State Transfer over 1200 km Assisted by Prior Distributed Entanglement.
Long-distance quantum state transfer (QST), which can be achieved with the help of quantum teleportation, is a core element of important quantum protocols. A typical situation for QST based on
Teleportation Systems Toward a Quantum Internet
This work achieves quantum teleportation of time-bin qubits at the telecommunication wavelength of 1536.5 nm using fiber-coupled devices and measures teleportation fidelities that are consistent with an analytical model of the system, which includes realistic imperfections.
Quantum Teleportation in High Dimensions.
This work proposes a scheme for teleportation of arbitrarily high-dimensional photonic quantum states and demonstrates an example of teleporting a qutrit, confirming a genuine and nonclassical three-dimensional teleportation.
Orbital angular momentum multiplexed deterministic all-optical quantum teleportation
The authors use an OAM mode-matched parametric amplifier to demonstrate multiplexed all-optical quantum teleportation, also on OAM-mode superpositions, which demonstrates the teleportation of more than one optical mode with fidelity beating the classical limit and thus ensures the increase of information transmission capacity.
Implementation of quantum teleportation of photons across an air – water interface
Since the theory of quantum mechanics brought about a revolution in physics nearly a century ago, various applications have emerged. In particular, the quantum properties of photons are being studied
Quantum Communications via Satellite with Photon Subtraction
This work shows that for a popular version of continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution between terrestrial stations and LEO satellites, photon subtraction at the transmitter side is the preferred set-up, opposite to that found for fiber-based implementations.
Short-Distance Teleportation of an Arbitrary Two-Qubit State Via a Bell State
This work proposes a scheme for teleportation of an arbitrary two-qubit state by using a Bell state as the quantum channel working together with an auxiliary qubit, which is very promising for application in quantum teleportation on chip.


Quantum teleportation over 143 kilometres using active feed-forward
The quality of the quantum teleportation procedure without feed-forward is confirmed, well beyond the classical limit of two-thirds, and the maturity and applicability of such technologies in real-world scenarios are verified, in particular for future satellite-based quantum teleportation.
Quantum teleportation and entanglement distribution over 100-kilometre free-space channels
The high-frequency and high-accuracy acquiring, pointing and tracking technique developed in this experiment can be directly used for future satellite-based quantum communication and large-scale tests of quantum foundations.
Quantum teleportation from a telecom-wavelength photon to a solid-state quantum memory
Quantum teleportation is a cornerstone of quantum information science due to its essential role in several important tasks such as the long-distance transmission of quantum information using quantum
Quantum teleportation between light and matter
The teleportation of a quantum state between two single material particles (trapped ions) has now also been achieved and is demonstrated between objects of a different nature—light and matter, which respectively represent ‘flying’ and ‘stationary’ media.
Satellite-to-ground quantum key distribution
This work reports the development and launch of a low-Earth-orbit satellite for implementing decoy-state QKD—a form ofQKD that uses weak coherent pulses at high channel loss and is secure because photon-number-splitting eavesdropping can be detected.
Optically addressable nuclear spins in a solid with a six-hour coherence time
The coherence time observed here is long enough that nuclear spins travelling at 9 kilometres per hour in a crystal would have a lower decoherence with distance than light in an optical fibre, enabling some very early approaches to entanglement distribution to be revisited, in particular those in which the spins are transported rather than the light.
Experimental quantum teleportation
It is shown that during teleportation, one of a pair of entangled photons are subjected to a measurement such that the second photon of the entangled pair acquires the polarization of the initial photon.
Memory-built-in quantum teleportation with photonic and atomic qubits
The combination of quantum teleportation1 and quantum memory2,3,4,5 of photonic qubits is essential for future implementations of large-scale quantum communication6 and measurement-based quantum
Demonstrating the viability of universal quantum computation using teleportation and single-qubit operations
It is shown that single quantum bit operations, Bell-basis measurements and certain entangled quantum states such as Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger (GHZ) states are sufficient to construct a universal quantum computer.
Quantum teleportation over the Swisscom telecommunication network
We present a quantum teleportation experiment in the quantum relay configuration using the installed telecommunication network of Swisscom. In this experiment, the Bell-state measurement occurs well