Ground effect on the aerodynamics of a naca 0015 airfoil with a plain trailing-edge flap

  title={Ground effect on the aerodynamics of a naca 0015 airfoil with a plain trailing-edge flap},
  author={V Tremblay Dionne and T. Lee},
Submit Manuscript | Abbreviations: c: chord; u∞ : Free Stream Velocity; ν: Kinematic Viscosity; Re: Chord Reynolds number, ( ) / u c n ∞ = ; OGE: Out of the Ground Effect; GE: Ground Effect; Cd: Sectional Drag Coefficient; Cdp: Sectional Pressure Drag Coefficient; Cl: Sectional Lift Coefficient; Cl,max: Maximum Cl; l C α :Lift-Curve Slope; Cm: Sectional Pitching Moment Coefficient; Cm,peak: Peak Cm Value; p∞ : Freestream Pressure; Cp : Surface Pressure Coefficient, 2… 

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