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Ground Penetrating Radar for Anti-Personnel Landmine Detection

  title={Ground Penetrating Radar for Anti-Personnel Landmine Detection},
  author={L. V. Kempen},
According to United Nations' estimates, over 100 million anti-personnel mines are scattered across the world, killing and maiming some 20000 civilians every year (this corresponds roughly to one victim every 20 minutes). The current -manualhumanitarian demining rate is at approximately 100 thousand per year, so there is clearly a great need to increase drastically this clearance rate. All over the world, projects have been launched with the aim to develop newer, safer, and more efficient ways… Expand
Radar Imaging of Concealed Targets
  • 2014
Visualization of concealed/buried targets is of high interest to military, paramilitary and law enforcement organizations. But in reality human vision cannot penetrate solid walls and earth.Expand
The SIMCA algorithm for processing ground penetrating radar data and its practical applications
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Better imaging for landmine detection : an exploration of 3D full-wave inversion for ground-penetrating radar
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Application of polarimetric GPR to detection of subsurface objects
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Comparison of basic inversion techniques for through-wall imaging using UWB radar
This paper investigates basic inversion (imaging) techniques which are used for interpreting the raw radar data in an understandable way and introduces a fast method for estimating the travel time between the antennas and the targets. Expand
Through-Wall Imaging with Uwb Radar System
"If the authors save even one life, they have been cost effective," says Rochelle Dicker, author of this thesis, which aims to improve the quality of medical records in the Czech Republic by providing real-time information about medical errors. Expand