Ground Fault by Restriking Surge of SF6 Gas-Insulated Disconnecting Switching and its Synthetic Tests

  title={Ground Fault by Restriking Surge of SF6 Gas-Insulated Disconnecting Switching and its Synthetic Tests},
  author={Susumu Nishiwaki and Yasunori Kanno and Shinji Sato and E. Haginomori and Sadahiko Yamashita and S. Yanabu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems},
During a breaking operation of charging current with a disconnecting switch (DS) in SF6 gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), the occurrence of a fault to ground from the DS contact by a restriking surge was reported to be observed. The flashover voltage in this case, is appreciably lower than the normal withstand voltage to the ground. It has been clarified through high-speed photography with an image converter camera that the flashover is caused by a streamer generated during restriking between the… CONTINUE READING


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