Gross efficiency and cycling economy are higher in the field as compared with on an Axiom stationary ergometer.

  title={Gross efficiency and cycling economy are higher in the field as compared with on an Axiom stationary ergometer.},
  author={W. Bertucci and A. Betik and S. Duc and F. Grappe},
  journal={Journal of applied biomechanics},
  volume={28 6},
This study was designed to examine the biomechanical and physiological responses between cycling on the Axiom stationary ergometer (Axiom, Elite, Fontaniva, Italy) vs. field conditions for both uphill and level ground cycling. Nine cyclists performed cycling bouts in the laboratory on an Axiom stationary ergometer and on their personal road bikes in actual road cycling conditions in the field with three pedaling cadences during uphill and level cycling. Gross efficiency and cycling economy were… Expand
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