Gross anatomical features of the sternum of green-winged macaw (Ara Chloroptera)

  title={Gross anatomical features of the sternum of green-winged macaw (Ara Chloroptera)},
  author={A. R. Sreeranjini and N. Ashok and Verma Indu and K. M. Lucy and S. Maya and Jose John Chungath},
  journal={Indian Journal of Animal Research},
The present study was conducted on the sternum of an eight year old, male Green-winged Macaw. The sternum was quadrilateral with dorsal concave and ventral convex surfaces and four borders. The dorsal surface presented numerous pneumatic foramina. The ventral surface furnished a large, boat shaped keel. The anterior extremity showed two facets for coracoid. The anterior and posterior borders were convex. The lateral border on either side presented six costal facets. Two distinct oval foramina… Expand

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