Grommets and glue guns: standardization of a pfannenstiel model for low-fidelity obstetrics-gynecology education.


OBJECTIVE To validate standardized instructions for the creation, implementation, and performance assessment of a low-fidelity model for Pfannenstiel incision. STUDY DESIGN The Pfannenstiel model used at the University of Florida-Jacksonville was broken down into composite steps and constructed by obstetrics-gynecology faculty from across the country. The model was then utilized at participants' home institutions and evaluated with respect to realism of the model, ability to replicate the simulation, appropriateness of the skills checklists, and perceived utility of a publication of similarly catalogued simulation modules for use in obstetrics-gynecology training programs. RESULTS The model was correctly constructed by 94.7% (18 of 19) participants and 72.2% (13 of 18) completed a post construction/post simulation survey indicating a high degree of perceived educational utility, feasibility of construction, and desire for additional catalogued modules. CONCLUSIONS A low-fidelity simulation model was developed, successfully reproduced using inexpensive materials, and implemented across multiple training programs. This model can serve as a template for developing, standardizing and cataloging other low-fidelity simulations for use in resident education. As discussions among medical educators continue regarding further restrictions on duty hours, it is highly likely that more programs will be looking for guidance in establishing quick, inexpensive, and reliable means of developing and assessing surgical skills in their learners. Furthermore, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has well-defined goals of programs developing better and more reproducible tools for all of their assessments. For programs with limited resources, preparing and disseminating reproducible, validated tools could be invaluable in complying with future ACGME mandates.

DOI: 10.4300/JGME-D-09-00038.1

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