Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera) from Paranapiacaba mountains, southeastern Brazil

  title={Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera) from Paranapiacaba mountains, southeastern Brazil},
  author={P. C. Bispo and L. S. Lecci},
  journal={Annales De Limnologie-international Journal of Limnology},
In the present paper, adults of the family Gripopterygidae collected in Paranapiacaba mountains are analyzed, the new species are described and a key to species of this family from this area is presented. Twenty one species in four genera of Gripopterygidae are recorded in Paranapiacaba mountains, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Gripopteryx comprises six species: Gripopteryx cancellata , Gripopteryx reticulata , Gripopteryx garbei , Gripopteryx coruja , Gripopteryx pinima and Gripopteryx flinti… Expand

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