Grid Intersection Graphs and Order Dimension

  title={Grid Intersection Graphs and Order Dimension},
  author={Steven Chaplick and Stefan Felsner and Udo Hoffmann and Veit Wiechert},
We study subclasses of grid intersection graphs from the perspective of order dimension. We show that partial orders of height two whose comparability graph is a grid intersection graph have order dimension at most four. Starting from this observation we provide a comprehensive study of classes of graphs between grid intersection graphs and bipartite permutation graphs and the containment relation on these classes. Order dimension plays a role in many arguments. 
Intersection Graphs of Rays and Grounded Segments
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Characterization of B0-VPG Cocomparability Graphs and a 2D Visualization of their Posets
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Stick graphs are defined as follows. Let A (respectively B ) be a set of vertical (respectively horizontal) segments in the plane such that the bottom endpoints of the segments in A and the left
Forced pairs in A-Stick graphs
  • I. Rusu
  • Mathematics
    Discrete Mathematics
  • 2022


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