Grenzen der Kompensation: Energiebudgets von Ringelgänsen (Branta b. bernicla) — die Wirkung von Störreizen

  title={Grenzen der Kompensation: Energiebudgets von Ringelg{\"a}nsen (Branta b. bernicla) — die Wirkung von St{\"o}rreizen},
  author={Martin C Stock and Frank Hofeditz},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r Ornithologie},
The impact of human disturbances on the energy budget of Brent Geese,Branta b. bernicla, during spring migration was investigated in two different salt marsh areas within the national park “Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer”, Germany. We used the frequency of disturbance-related reactions of the birds as an indicator of the anthropogenic influencing of the sites. The disturbance frequency was significantly higher in the Westerhever salt marsh (1,5±0,7 reactions/h) than in the Norderheverkoog… CONTINUE READING