Gregory Bateson: Old Men Ought To Be Explorers

  title={Gregory Bateson: Old Men Ought To Be Explorers},
  author={Stephen Nachmanovitch},
  pages={113 - 118}
Anthropologist, psychologist, biologist and epistemologist, Gregory Bateson was a holistic thinker who sought through study, teaching and writing to form and articulate an integrated way of viewing the world. This portrait of Bateson, who died in 1980, focuses on the person of Bateson as he was known as teacher, friend and guide to the author. 
Gregory Bateson (1904–1980): A Reappraisal
This year marks the centenary of Gregory Bateson’s birth. Bateson, multiply described as a biologist, anthropologist, cybernetic theorist and natural philosopher, remains an elusive but remarkable
An old dinosaur
Purpose – A personal account of Gregory Bateson and the turning over of the generations, carrying some of Bateson's way of thinking forward to the time and beyond. The paper aims to discuss these
Bateson and the Arts
The relationship between science and the arts in Gregory Bateson's thinking is elucidate, from the viewpoint of an artist‐musician and student of Bateson, to experience this total systemic view of mind and nature.
Pilgrimage and the alchemy of transformation - Finding a way from entitlement to gratitude
Joanna Macy proposes a ‘shift in consciousness’ as the third element of the Great Turning, an all-encompassing transition from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilisation. While
The Cambridge handbook of play
However, within this book there is no rehash or abstractive analysis of his mentor’s work; none of the jargonization that is sometimes present in the writing of those who propound to be influenced by
The Fifth Province Approach as a Systemic Meditative Practice
In this paper we want to share our experience of using systemic practices from a systemic Fifth Province Approach in the facilitation of meditation groups and retreats.  We refer to our way of being
This is Play
Context is everything. Playing, exploring, artmaking, religion, literature, are not activities but contexts. Play is the way we encounter the multilayered nature of communication in humans and
The field of systemic therapy continues to grow internationally and this expansion provides new opportunities to broaden the tradition of global connectedness. Some of the subjects being addressed by
Neonatal imitation in context: Sensorimotor development in the perinatal period
A case study of a paradigmatic orofacial “gesture,” namely tongue protrusion and retraction (TP/R), and suggests a sequence of three developmental events in which TP/R might participate: the acquisition of tongue control, the integration of the central pattern generator (CPG) for TP/ R with other aerodigestive CPGs, and the formation of connections within the cortical maps of S1 and M1.


Mind And Nature - A Necessary Unity
A re-issue of Gregory Bateson's classic work. It summarizes Bateson's thinking on the subject of the patterns that connect living beings to each other and to their environment.
The cybernetics of "self": a theory of alcoholism.
The present essay is based upon ideas which are, perhaps all of them, familiar either to psychiatrists who have had dealings with alcoholics, or to philosophers who have thought about the
Journey to Ixtlan
The third book in a series recording Castaneda's initiation into the mysteries of sorcery under the guidance of the Yaqui Indian, don Juan. It reveals how Castaneda learns the wisdom of the hunter -
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
No work has challenged its readers like Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. His 'Proverbs of Hell' have been culled for the slogans of student protest and become axioms of modern thought.
The complete poems and plays
Poet, dramatist, critic and editor, T. S. Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth-century poetry. This edition of The Complete Poems and Plays, published for the first time in paperback,
Tales of Power
Part 2 A witness to act of power: an appointment with knowledge the dreamer and the dreamed the secret of the luminous beings. Part 2 The Tonal and the Nagual: having to believe the island of the
Some discussions of Ethnography , Theory , and Method , ” in About Bateson
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