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Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Robusta Coffee Plantation in Thailand

  title={Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Robusta Coffee Plantation in Thailand},
  author={Tanomlap Rachawat and Siriluk Chiarakorn and Amnat Chidthaisong},
Robusta coffee is one of main industrial crops in Thailand. Most of robusta coffee beans are used as raw materials for instant coffee products. The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of robusta coffee product from acquisition of coffee cherries are necessary data to assess the carbon footprint of robusta coffee products. This paper studied GHG emissions and identified the hotspots of robusta coffee plantation in Thailand. The 180 datasets were collected by questionnaires and field surveys in… 

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IPCC fourth assessment report
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) in 2007. Since the IPCC considers only published, peer-reviewed science in its assessments, the AR4