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Green phosphor, and led light-emitting device comprising the same

  title={Green phosphor, and led light-emitting device comprising the same},
  author={고다현 and 이상준 and 정몽권 and 김영식 and 유정곤 and 이환섭},
  • 고다현, 이상준, +3 authors 이환섭
  • Published 2014
  • Materials Science
  • The present invention, in more detail relates to a novel green phosphor, and the LED light-emitting device comprising it, to a fluorescent substance which is represented by the formula (I). Phosphor of the present invention, there is an effect having a wide half-value width than conventional lead compared to the same wavelength of the garnet oxide. Formula 1 Here, A is Y, Gd, Sm, Tb, La, Sr, Ba, Ca, such as one kind of divalent or trivalent selected from the group consisting of cationic metal… CONTINUE READING

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