Green light emitting diodes on a-plane GaN bulk substrates

  title={Green light emitting diodes on a-plane GaN bulk substrates},
  author={Theeradetch Detchprohm and Mingwei Zhu and Yufeng Li and Yunpeng Xia and Christian M. Wetzel and Edward Alfred Preble and Lianghong Liu and Tanya Paskova and Drew A. Hanser},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
We report the development of 520–540nm green light emitting diodes (LEDs) grown along the nonpolar a axis of GaN. GaInN∕GaN-based quantum well structures were grown in homoepitaxy on both, a-plane bulk GaN and a-plane GaN on r-plane sapphire. LEDs on GaN show higher, virtually dislocation-free crystalline quality and three times higher light output power when compared to those on r-plane sapphire. Both structures show a much smaller wavelength blue shift for increasing current density (<10nm… 

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