Green jobs: addressing the critical issues surrounding the environment, workplace and employment

  title={Green jobs: addressing the critical issues surrounding the environment, workplace and employment},
  author={Mathew Forstater},
  journal={International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment},
  • M. Forstater
  • Published 15 November 2004
  • Economics, Business
  • International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment
The mission of the International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment (IJEWE) is to provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of the effect that achieving ecological sustainability will have on employment/unemployment and the nature of the workplace. Unfortunately, modern capitalism, as it presently exists, fails to provide full employment, a sufficient number of high quality jobs, or ecological sustainability. This paper demonstrates that all three goals can be promoted… 

Green Jobs: Public Service Employment and Environmental Sustainability

Why not a Green Jobs Corps? There are obstacles, and the plan presented by this economist is controversial. But given the price paid in environmental degradation under current policies, we may have

NEW ROLES FOR GOVERNMENT Green Jobs Public Service Employment and Environmental Sustainability

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Opportunities of the Green Economy : an Analysis of the American Labor Force

Unemployment and fiscal recovery in the United States since the recession of the late 2000’s has been a quavering and tedious process. Underlining structural deficiencies in the American labor force

Introduction: Employment Guarantee Schemes—Development, Environment, and Community

In the late 1990s, a number of economists and policymakers revived the idea of government-sponsored Job Guarantee (JG). Such a policy would assure a public service job for anyone who was ready and

The Job Guarantee and Transformational Degrowth

The job guarantee was designed to address the problems of unemployment. However, in light of the environmental crisis, it is important to recognize the ways in which this policy proposal may be

The Job Guarantee and Municipal Confederalism: Exploring the National and Local Levels of Program Operation

In recent years, an approach to full employment known alternatively as Employer of Last Resort (ELR), Job Guarantee (JG), and Public Service Employment (PSE) has been put forward as an effective

Cities, Climate Change and the Green Economy: A Thematic Literature Survey

This working paper constitutes an extensive review of the literature concerned with exploring the role of cities in addressing climate change and green employment creation. It identifies five key

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There is a body of literature that favors universal and unconditional public assurance policies over those that are targeted and means-tested. Two such proposals—the basic income proposal and job

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Abstract The article discusses commitment to full employment in light of institutional theory and offers a renewed examination of the “socialization of investment” concept. The discussion builds on



Public employment and environmental sustainability

  • Mathew Forstater
  • Economics
  • 2003
This paper suggests that a public service employment (PSE) or job guarantee (JG) program run on the principles of functional finance can be designed to promote environmental sustainability.

An Introduction to Ecological Economics

The Need to Develop a Shared Vision of a Sustainable Society Successes, Failures, and Remedies Policy Instruments: Some Background Examples of Policies, Instruments, and Institutions Governance Conclusions and Prospects for the Future are outlined.

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