Green fluorescent protein as a reporter of prion protein folding

  title={Green fluorescent protein as a reporter of prion protein folding},
  author={Snezana Vasiljevic and Junyuan Ren and Yongxiu Yao and Kevin Dalton and Catherine S. Adamson and Ian Matthew Jones},
  journal={Virology Journal},
  pages={59 - 59}
The amino terminal half of the cellular prion protein PrPc is implicated in both the binding of copper ions and the conformational changes that lead to disease but has no defined structure. However, as some structure is likely to exist we have investigated the use of an established protein refolding technology, fusion to green fluorescence protein (GFP), as a method to examine the refolding of the amino terminal domain of mouse prion protein. Fusion proteins of PrPc and GFP were expressed at… CONTINUE READING
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