Green coffee beans

  title={Green coffee beans},
  author={Satish Kumar Garg and Amit kumar Shukla and Soumen Choudhury},

Micronucleus and Comet Assay as An Index for Carbon Tetrachloride Genotoxicity in Rats

  • S. Mosallam
  • Biology
    Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences. C, Physiology and Molecular Biology
  • 2022
It was concluded that the GCE and olive oil minimizes the genotoxic role of CCL4 in rats and illustrated the protentional antioxidant effects of Green Coffee Extract and Olive Oil together or apart on the hepatotoxicity and cancerous effects of Carbon Tetrachloride in the liver and bone marrow of male albino rats.



Green coffee bean seed and their role in antioxidant–A review

All around the world, Coffee place an important position in the beverages. It contains phenolic acid as well as polyphenols. It has the property of antioxidant; mood enhances mood, and also increases

Chlorogenic acids from green coffee extract are highly bioavailable in humans.

This study shows that the major CGA compounds present in green coffee are highly absorbed and metabolized in humans.

Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant Activity, and the Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Bean Residual Press Cake on the Skin Wound Healing

CGA hydrogels reduced significantly the wound area size on the inflammatory phase, which may be associated with the well known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions of that compound.

Dietary phenolics: chemistry, bioavailability and effects on health.

This review summarizes the chemistry, biosynthesis and occurrence of the compounds involved, namely the C6-C3-C6 flavonoids-anthocyanins, dihydrochalcones, Flavan-3-ols, flavanones, flavones, Flavonols and isoflavones, and the mechanisms underlying these processes are discussed.

Chlorogenic acid is poorly absorbed, independently of the food matrix: A Caco-2 cells and rat chronic absorption study.

It is shown that there are some interactions between coffee phenolics and milk proteins, but these have no significant effect on CQA bioavailability from coffee in the rat, and C QA is poorly absorbed under its native form in the body, when ingested in a realistic food matrix.