• Chemistry
  • Published 2013

Green broiler feed with effect of chicken quality improving

  title={Green broiler feed with effect of chicken quality improving},
The present invention relates to a livestock and poultry feed, particularly to a green broiler feed with an effect of chicken quality improving. The feed is prepared from the following raw materials, by weight: 95-105 parts of corn, 15-20 parts of barley bran, 6-8 parts of shrimp bran, 10-12 parts of oat husk, 10-12 parts of vinegar lees, 15-18 parts of extruded soybean, 10-12 parts of sugarcane residue, 4-5 parts of pine needle powder, 2-3 parts of shell powder, 1-2 parts of talc powder, 2-3… CONTINUE READING