Green Paper. Fostering and Measuring Third Mission in Higher Education Institutions

  title={Green Paper. Fostering and Measuring Third Mission in Higher Education Institutions},
  author={Alfredo Augusto Vieira Soeiro and Christopher John Padfield and Andr{\'e}s Carri{\'o}n Garc{\'i}a and Attila Pausits and Mike Murphy and K Hamalainen},

Supporting quality in science communication: insights from the QUEST project

The promotion of quality is a critical aspect to consider in the re-examination of science communication. This problem is analysed in the research carried out by the QUEST project, as featured in

Re-significaciones de los recursos institucionales de gobernanza de la “tercera misión” de las universidades: el caso de los Proyectos de Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (PDTS) de Argentina

This paper aims to analyze a governance instrument for the university’s «third mission», the Technological and Social Development Projects (PDTS) in Argentina, focusing on the institutional resources

Advancing HEIs’ third-mission through dynamic capabilities: the role of leadership and agreement on vision and goals

The results suggest that dynamic capabilities do indeed influence third mission advancement; however, this relationship is mediated by the role of leadership and organisational agreement on vision and goals.

Do Service Learning and Active-Citizenship Learning Support Our Students to Live a Culture of Democracy?

Civic thinking and civic attitude require values and norms for social togetherness and social engagement. Service learning and active-citizenship learning are high-impact pedagogies, well-documented

Faire face aux tensions liées à la reconfiguration du système universitaire italien : la voix des professeurs(es)

La reconfiguration du systeme universitaire est un phenomene international d’actualite. Il est caracterise par de nombreux changements lies aux pratiques quotidiennes de tous les acteurs qui vivent

Societal Problem Solving and University Research : Science-Society Interaction and Social Impact in the Educational and Social Sciences

This study contributes to the understanding of social impact of research and its achievement in the educational and social sciences. The aim of the dissertation is to uncover how the interactions

The Role of the University for Promoting Sustainability through Third Mission and Quintuple Helix Model: The Case Study of the Tor Vergata University of Rome

Abstract The research aims to analyze the role of universities to promote sustainable strategies inside and outside their academic communities. In particular, the focus is on projects promoted by the

Discursive practices about third mission. A survey from Italian universities’ official websites

ABSTRACT This article aims to analyse Italian universities’ official websites discursive practices to assess their involvement in the university third mission: the contribution by universities to the

Medical education: an Italian contribution to the discussion on global health education

The authors believe it is necessary now, more than ever, to insert this new approach to health at social and academic levels.

A terminological study about university-society relations: third mission, socioeconomic surroundings and the evolution of the role of academia

The relationships and interactions between universities and society that go beyond the teaching and research missions have been termed differently by various groups of scholars and in different