Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa: Literature Review and Scoping Study

  title={Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa: Literature Review and Scoping Study},
  author={Ana Pueyo and Stephen Spratt and H. Schmitz and Dirk Willenbockel and Chris J. Dent and Neal S. Wade and Andrew F. Crossland},

Will a Transition to Renewable Energy Promote Energy Security Amid Energy Crisis in Nigeria?

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  • Engineering
    Energy Transitions and the Future of the African Energy Sector
  • 2020
There is growing support for energy transition aimed at utilizing cleaner, affordable, accessible and acceptable modern energy resources such as wind, hydro, biomass and solar worldwide. This

Opportunities, Barriers and Issues with Renewable Energy Development in Africa: a Comprehensible Review

Purpose of ReviewRenewable energy (RE) can play a critical role in sustainable development in Africa. We conducted a focused literature review on articles discussing the conditions of deployment of

Business-Driven Ecological Innovations in Green Growth Strategies

Eco-innovations are inventions or developments of new and optimised technology or processes that lead to environmental and economic benefits. Such innovations are closely interlinked with

Investment in renewable energy, fossil fuel prices and policy implications for Latin America and the Caribbean

This paper examines if recent sharp declines in the price of oil and other fossil fuels will discourage private investment in renewable energy, which is key for climate change mitigation. The

Planning for Electrification: On- and Off-Grid Considerations in Sub-Saharan Africa

Energy poverty, in particular, the lack of access to electricity, is a chronic impediment to sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa, affecting over one billion people. Recently,



Who Drives Climate-Relevant Policies in China?

  • mimeo, School of Public Policy and Management,
  • 2014

Derisking Renewable Energy Investment. A Framework to Support Policymakers in Selecting Public Instruments to Promote Renewable Energy Investment in Developing Countries

This report introduces an innovative framework to assist policymakers to quantitatively compare the impact of different public instruments to promote renewable energy. The report identifies the need

Negative emissions and ambitious climate policies in a second best world: A general equilibrium assessment of technology options in the electricity sector

This paper examines the role of electricity production from biomass with and without carbon capture and storage in sustaining low CO 2 emission pathways to 2100. It quantifies the effect of the

After Cancún : climate governance or climate conflicts

With articles by Elmar Altvater, Achim Brunnengraber, Peter Newell, Matthew Paterson, Simon Wolf, Martin Bitter, Edward Nell, Willi Semmler, Armon Rezai, Miranda Schreurs, Bettina Knothe, Lutz Mez

Hybrid Modeling: New Answers to Old Challenges

After nearly two decades of debate and fundamental disagreement, topdown and bottom-up energy-economy modelers, sometimes referred to as modeling ‘tribes', began to engage in productive dialogue in

What is Inclusive Green Growth? Background Note Requested by Donors Supporting the Diagnostic Facility for Shared Growth, Washington DC: World Bank

  • 2009

Mobilising Investment for Inclusive Green Growth in Low-Income Countries