Greek Mathematical Astronomy Reconsidered

  title={Greek Mathematical Astronomy Reconsidered},
  author={Hugh Thurston},
  pages={58 - 69}
Recent investigations have thrown new light on such topics as the early Greek belief in heliocentricity, the relation between Greek and Babylonian astronomy, the reliability of Ptolemy's Syntaxis, Hipparchus's theory of motion for the sun, Hipparchus's value for the obliquity of the ecliptic, and Eratosthenes' estimate of the size of the earth. Some claims resulting from these investigations are controversial, especially the reevaluation of Ptolemy (though it is notable that no one any longer… Expand
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An analysis of medieval solar theories
From Antiquity through the early modern period, the apparent motion of the Sun in longitude was simulated by the eccentric model set forth in Ptolemy’s Almagest III, with the fundamental parametersExpand
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26:164; an editorial mistake is corrected in the next issue. For the eccentric motion as deduced by Rawlins see Dennis Rawlins
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Competence Held Hostage
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For the eccentric distance as 7 3 ⁄4 see DIO, 1991, 1, p. 133 n 162; for Newton's suggestion see Newton, Crime of Claudius Ptolemy (cit