Greatly enhanced energy density of all‐solid‐state rechargeable battery operating in high humidity environments

  title={Greatly enhanced energy density of all‐solid‐state rechargeable battery operating in high humidity environments},
  author={Yuchen Wang and Mert Akin and Xiaoyao Qiao and Zhiwei Yan and Xiangyang Zhou},
  journal={International Journal of Energy Research},
  pages={16794 - 16805}
Rubidium silver iodide (RbAg4I5) owing to its unprecedented ionic conductivity (>0.2 S cm−1 at room temperature) and high stability in a wide temperature range (0°C‐100°C) is an ideal candidate for being used as an electrolyte material in solid‐state batteries. Our previous study showed that the exchange current density at the Ag/RbAg4I5 anode and graphite/RbAg4I5 cathode interfaces increased by three orders of magnitude when the environmental relative humidity (RH) increased from 35% to 100… 
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