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Great-circle Tree Thrackles

  title={Great-circle Tree Thrackles},
  author={Karen L. Collins and Cleo Roberts},
A thrackle is a graph drawing in which every pair of edges meets exactly once. Conway’s Thrackle Conjecture states that the number of edges of a thrackle cannot exceed the number of its vertices. Cairns et al (2015) prove that the Thrackle Conjecture holds for great-circle thrackles drawn on the sphere. They also posit that Conway’s Thrackle Conjecture can be restated to say that a graph can be drawn as a thrackle drawing in the plane if and only if it admits a great-circle thrackle drawing. We… 


On Conway's thrackle conjecture
It is shown that a thrackle has at most twice as many edges as vertices as it was conjectured that it cannot exceed the number of its vertices.
A computational approach to Conway's thrackle conjecture
The best known upper bound, t(n)=<32(n-1), due to Cairns and Nikolayevsky, is improved to 167117n<1.428n.
Thrackles: An Improved Upper Bound
It is proved that any thrackle of n vertices has at most $1.3984n$ edges, and that the maximum number of edges of a quasi-thrackle on $n$ vertices is ${3\over 2}(n-1)$.
On the Bounds of Conway’s Thrackles
A thrackle on a surfaceX is a graph of size e and order n drawn on X such that every two distinct edges of G meet exactly once either at their common endpoint, or at a proper crossing. An unsolved
A New Upper Bound for Conway's Thrackles
  • Yian Xu
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Appl. Math. Comput.
  • 2021
This paper shows that |E| is no more than 1.393 ( | V | − 1 ) for thrackles.
Great-circle spherical thrackles
We establish Conway's thrackle conjecture in the case of great-circle thrackles; that is, for drawings on the unit sphere where the edges are arcs of great circles.
On Sets of Distances of n Points
1. The function f(n). Let [P. ] be the class of all planar subsets P. of n points and denote by f(n) the minimum number of different distances determined by its n points for P,, an element of { P. }.
Computational Geometry Column 42
A compendium of thirty previously published open problems in computational geometry is presented.
Combinatorial Mathematics and its Applications
  • Chap. Thrackles and deadlock
  • 1971