Gravity on branes

  title={Gravity on branes},
  author={Nathalie Deruelle and Joseph E. Katz},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We consider the four dimensional discontinuity generated by two identical pieces of a five dimensional space pasted along their edge (that is a “brane” in a “Z2-symmetric” “bulk”). Using a four plus one decomposition of the Riemann tensor we write the equations for gravity on the brane and recover in a simple manner a number of known “brane world” scenarios. We study under which conditions these equations reduce, exactly or approximately, to the four dimensional Einstein equations. We conclude… 

Linearized Israel Matching Conditions for Cosmological Perturbations in a Moving Brane Background

In the Randall-Sundrum cosmological models, a (3+1)-dimensional brane subject to a Z2 orbifold symmetry is embedded in a (4+1)-dimensional bulk spacetime empty except for a negative cosmological

On brane world cosmological perturbations

We discuss the scalar cosmological perturbations in a 3-brane world with a 5D bulk. We first show explicitly how the effective perturbed Einstein equations on the brane (involving the Weyl fluid) are

Stars on branes: the view from the brane

We consider spherically symmetric matter configurations on a four dimensional "brane" embedded in a five dimensional $Z_2$-symmetric "bulk". We write the junction conditions between the interior and

On the embedding of branes in five-dimensional spaces

We investigate the embedding of n-dimensional branes in (n + 1)-dimensional spaces. We firstly consider the case when the embedding space is a vacuum bulk whose energy–momentum tensor consists of a

Low energy effective gravitational equations on a Gauss-Bonnet brane

We present effective gravitational equations at low energies in a Z{sub 2}-symmetric braneworld with the Gauss-Bonnet term. Our derivation is based on the geometrical projection approach, and we

Extra force from an extra dimension. Comparison between brane theory, STM and other approaches

We investigate the question of how an observer in 4D perceives the five-dimensional geodesic motion. We consider the interpretation of null and non-null bulk geodesics in the context of brane theory,

Nonuniform Braneworld Stars: AN Exact Solution

In this paper the first exact interior solution to Einstein's field equations for a static and nonuniform braneworld star with local and nonlocal bulk terms is presented. It is shown that the bulk


In the context of the braneworld, a method to find consistent solutions to Einstein's field equations in the interior of a spherically symmetric, static and non-uniform stellar distribution with Weyl


In brane-world theory in five dimensions, the bulk metric is usually written in Gaussian coordinates, where g4μ = 0 and g44 = -1. However, the choice g44 = -1 is an external condition, not a

Mass and Charge in Brane-World and Non-Compact Kaluza-Klein Theories in 5 Dim

In classical Kaluza-Klein theory, with compactified extra dimensions and without scalar field, the rest mass as well as the electric charge of test particles are constants of motion. We show that in



On Cosmological Perturbations on a Brane in an Anti-de Sitter Bulk

In this paper, we consider cosmological perturbations on a brane universe embedded in an Anti-de Sitter bulk. We use a novel gauge, in which the full five-dimensional problem is in principle

Linearized gravity in the Randall-Sundrum scenario

In the literature about the Randall-Sundrum scenario, one finds, on the one hand, that there exist (small) corrections to Newton's law of gravity on the brane and, on the other, that the exact (and

Perturbations of brane worlds

We consider cosmological models where the universe, governed by Einstein's equations, is a piece of a five dimensional double-sided anti\char21{}de Sitter spacetime (that is, a

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