Gravity on a little warped space

  title={Gravity on a little warped space},
  author={D. George and K. McDonald},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • D. George, K. McDonald
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • We investigate the consistent inclusion of 4D Einstein gravity on a truncated slice of ${\mathrm{AdS}}_{5}$ whose bulk-gravity and UV scales are much less than the 4D Planck scale, ${M}_{*}\ensuremath{\ll}{M}_{\mathrm{Pl}}$. Such ``Little Warped Spaces'' have found phenomenological utility and can be motivated by string realizations of the Randall-Sundrum framework. Using the interval approach to brane-world gravity, we show that the inclusion of a large UV-localized Einstein-Hilbert term… CONTINUE READING


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