Gravity from spontaneous Lorentz violation

  title={Gravity from spontaneous Lorentz violation},
  author={Alan Kosteleck{\'y} and Robertus Potting},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We investigate a class of theories involving a symmetric two-tensor field in Minkowski spacetime with a potential triggering spontaneous violation of Lorentz symmetry. The resulting massless Nambu-Goldstone modes are shown to obey the linearized Einstein equations in a fixed gauge. Imposing self-consistent coupling to the energy-momentum tensor constrains the potential for the Lorentz violation. The nonlinear theory generated from the self-consistent bootstrap is an alternative theory of… 
Gravity from Breaking of Local Lorentz Symmetry
We present a model of gravity based on spontaneous Lorentz symmetry breaking. We start from a model with spontaneously broken symmetries for a massless 2-tensor with a linear kinetic term and a
Lorentz Violation with an Antisymmetric Tensor
Field theories with spontaneous Lorentz violation involving an antisymmetric 2-tensor are studied. A general action including nonminimal gravitational couplings is constructed, and features of the
Lorentz-violating gravity and the bootstrap procedure
  • M. Seifert
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2020
In conventional gravitational physics, the so-called ‘bootstrap procedure’ can be used to extrapolate from a linear model of a rank-2 tensor to a full non-linear theory of gravity (i.e. general
Vector models with spontaneous Lorentz-symmetry breaking
Even though models with spontaneous Lorentz-symmetry breaking also damage gauge invariance, an interesting possibility that emerges is to interpret the resultant massless Goldstone bosons as the
Vector models of gravitational Lorentz symmetry breaking
Spontaneous Lorentz symmetry breaking can occur when the dynamics of a tensor field cause it to take on a nonzero expectation value in vacuo, thereby providing one or more 'preferred directions' in
Effective theory approach to the spontaneous breakdown of Lorentz invariance
We generalize the coset construction of Callan, Coleman, Wess and Zumino to theories in which the Lorentz group is broken down to one of its subgroups. This allows us to write down the most general
Construction of Higher-Order Metric Fluctuation Terms in Spacetime Symmetry-Breaking Effective Field Theory
If the underlying diffeomorphism symmetry is preserved in a spontaneous-symmetry breaking scenario, one cannot decouple the two-tensor fluctuations from the metric fluctuations at the level of the action, except in special cases of the quadratic actions.


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