Gravity field, shape, and moment of inertia of Titan.

  title={Gravity field, shape, and moment of inertia of Titan.},
  author={L Iess and Nicole J. Rappaport and R. A. Jacobson and Paolo Racioppa and D. J. Stevenson and Paolo Tortora and John W. Armstrong and Sami W. Asmar},
  volume={327 5971},
Precise radio tracking of the spacecraft Cassini has provided a determination of Titan's mass and gravity harmonics to degree 3. The quadrupole field is consistent with a hydrostatically relaxed body shaped by tidal and rotational effects. The inferred moment of inertia factor is about 0.34, implying incomplete differentiation, either in the sense of imperfect separation of rock from ice or a core in which a large amount of water remains chemically bound in silicates. The equilibrium figure is… CONTINUE READING

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