Gravity Duals of Supersymmetric SU ( N ) × SU ( N + M ) Gauge Theories

  title={Gravity Duals of Supersymmetric SU ( N ) × SU ( N + M ) Gauge Theories},
  author={Igor R. Klebanov and Arkady A. Tseytlin},
The world volume theory on N regular and M fractional D3-branes at the conifold singularity is a non-conformal N = 1 supersymmetric SU(N + M) × SU(N) gauge theory. In previous work the Type IIB supergravity dual of this theory was constructed to leading non-trivial order in M/N : it is the AdS5 × T 1,1 background with NS-NS and R-R 2-form fields turned on. Far in the UV this dual description was shown to reproduce the logarithmic flow of couplings found in the field theory. In this paper we… CONTINUE READING
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