Gravitational wave lensing beyond general relativity: Birefringence, echoes, and shadows

  title={Gravitational wave lensing beyond general relativity: Birefringence, echoes, and shadows},
  author={Jose Mar{\'i}a Ezquiaga and Miguel Zumalac'arregui},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Gravitational waves (GW), as light, are gravitationally lensed by intervening matter, deflecting their trajectories, delaying their arrival and occasionally producing multiple images. In theories beyond general relativity (GR), new gravitational degrees of freedom add an extra layer of complexity and richness to GW lensing. We develop a formalism to compute GW propagation beyond GR over general space-times, including kinetic interactions with new fields. Our framework relies on identifying the… Expand
CLASS_GWB: robust modeling of the astrophysical gravitational wave background anisotropies
Gravitational radiation offers a unique possibility to study the large-scale structure of the Universe, gravitational wave sources and propagation in a completely novel way. Given that gravitationalExpand
Gravitational tuning forks and hierarchical triple systems
We study gravitational wave (GW) emission in the strong-field regime by a hierarchical triple system composed of a binary system placed in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole (SMBH). TheExpand
Gravitational wave cosmology: High frequency approximation
Jared Fier1,∗ Xiongjun Fang2,† Bowen Li1,‡ Shinji Mukohyama3,4,§ Anzhong Wang1,¶ and Tao Zhu5,6∗∗ 1 GCAP-CASPER, Department of Physics, Baylor University, One Bear Place #97316, Waco, Texas,Expand
Gravitational wave propagation beyond general relativity: waveform distortions and echoes
We study the cosmological propagation of gravitational waves (GWs) beyond general relativity (GR) across homogeneous and isotropic backgrounds. We consider scenarios in which GWs interact with anExpand
Gravitational-wave cosmological distances in scalar-tensor theories of gravity
We analyze the propagation of high-frequency gravitational waves (GW) in scalar-tensor theories of gravity, with the aim of examining properties of cosmological distances as inferred from GWExpand
Learning How to Surf: Reconstructing the Propagation and Origin of Gravitational Waves with Gaussian Processes
Soon, the combination of electromagnetic and gravitational signals will open the door to a new era of gravitational-wave (GW) cosmology. It will allow us to test the propagation of tensorExpand
Lensing of Gravitational Waves as a Novel Probe of Graviton Mass
The diffraction patterns of lensed gravitational waves encode information about their propagation speeds. If gravitons have mass, the dispersion relation and speed of gravitational waves will beExpand
Propagation of polarized gravitational waves
The propagation of high-frequency gravitational waves can be analyzed using the geometrical optics approximation. In the case of large but finite frequencies, the geometrical optics approximation isExpand
Stealth black hole perturbations in kinetic gravity braiding
We study stealth black hole perturbations in shift symmetric kinetic gravity braiding and obtain its analogous Regge-Wheeler and Zerilli master equations for the odd and even parity sectors. We showExpand


The scalar-tensor theory of gravitation
The scalar-tensor theory of gravitation is one of the most popular alternatives to Einstein's theory of gravitation. This book provides a clear and concise introduction to the theoretical ideas andExpand
I and i
There is, I think, something ethereal about i —the square root of minus one, which seems an odd beast at that time—an intruder hovering on the edge of reality. Expand
Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixedExpand
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The novel JEV RT-NASBA assay could be used as an efficient molecular biology tool to diagnose JEV, which would facilitate the surveillance of reproductive failure disease in swine and would be beneficial for public health security. Expand
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