Gravitational wave consistency relations for multifield inflation.

  title={Gravitational wave consistency relations for multifield inflation.},
  author={Layne Price and Hiranya V. Peiris and Jonathan Frazer and Richard Easther},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 3},
We study the tensor spectral index n(t) and the tensor-to-scalar ratio r in the simplest multifield extension to single-field, slow-roll inflation models. We show that multifield models with potentials V∼[under ∑]iλ_{i}|ϕ_{i}|^{p} have different predictions for n(t)/r than single-field models, even when all the couplings are equal λ_{i}=λ_{j}, due to the probabilistic nature of the fields' initial values. We analyze well-motivated prior probabilities for the λ_{i} and initial conditions to make… 

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